China’s City Clusters: The Plan to Transform the Country into 19 Super-regions

China’s City Clusters: The Plan to Transform the Country into 19 Super-regions

The scale of China’s urbanization over the past four decades is a staggering feat in human history. In 1978, the year in which China started its policy of ‘reform and opening-up’, the urban population was just over...

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China’s City Clusters: The Plan to Transform the Country into 19 Super-regions What Kiwis really think about China: Research CHINA - $36 million of export receipts First foundations laid for China-NZ Year of Tourism The Belt and Road Initiative A New Zealand Appraisal

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China’s Tax Bureau to Collect Social Insurance

China's tax bureau will be responsible for social insurance collection instead of the HR bureau from 2019. HR managers should note that the...

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The Belt and Road Initiative A New Zealand...

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) presents a unique challenge of responding to a Chinese led initiative that could be a platform for furthering...

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The Ten Commandments: Localising Your Brand in...

Join Shanghai-based insight and branding expert Jerry Clode for an intimate session on localising your brand for the Chinese market. You will leave this session with a checklist of ten areas that you should focus on when preparing to take...

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Alpha Group Holdings Limited

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Alpha Group Holdings Limited

Alpha Group Holdings Limited was established in New Zealand in 1998, and is dedicated to the research and development of health promoting natural products made from edible/medicinal fungi, natural plants, marine life, fruit and vegetables, and other natural resources. Our products are designed to meet humanity’s health needs going “back to nature, back to basics".

Although Alpha has New Zealand roots, today Alpha is a vertically integrated global business, with research, manufacturing, distribution and retail operations globally, including over a thousand retail outlets throughout China and ASEAN.



NZCTA China Executive Workshops

In 2018, NZCTA is running a “round table” China executive workshop series. Each session will be limited to no more than 25 with the aim of providing a platform around specific China related topics.
These are designed to encourage round table discussions. The format will be a short presentation followed by a Q&A session with 2-3 panelists.

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Tap into a growing network of over 350 businesses, representing a diversity of New Zealand business interests, experienced in doing business in and with China. Become part of this network to discover new opportunities and to receive advice from others who have succeeded in trading with China.

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Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, renowned as the “Canton Fair”, is an important channel of China’s foreign trade and a demonstration of the country’s opening up policy. It plays a key role in advancing the development of China’s foreign trade and the economic and trade exchanges between China and the rest of the world. And it is renowned for “China’s No. 1 Fair”.

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