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Business Awards 2015

The prestigious HSBC / NZCTA China Business Awards 2015 are on their way.

At a Grand Gala Dinner on Thursday, 7th May 2015, the winners of the prestigious 2015 HSBC NZCTA China Business Awards will be revealed at the impressive Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland.

Read more about these much admired Awards by clicking here.

You can be part of this fabulous occasion by entering the Awards programme now, in a category of your choosing.

Check out the details of the Awards and request an Entry Form by clicking here.

Don’t forget to register for the Grand Gala Awards Dinner and enjoy the entertainment and the celebration of business successes between China and New Zealand.

For more information, please contact:

David Wishart, Executive Director,
New Zealand China Trade Association Inc. (NZCTA)
Ph: +64-9-307 8812  Email:


The NZCTA Trade Awards were established in 2004 by the New Zealand China Trade Association to recognise companies that have launched successful business relationships between New Zealand and China, or those that have created a successful investment with China.

Successful international trade plays a crucial part in assuring New Zealand’s presence on the world stage. The awards aim to give recognition to companies that have excelled or taken a bold new step in trading with China, allowing them to grow or to continue to grow from a base of excellence.

They attract those who are consulting within China, whether it is in education, town planning or engineering; those who have established either export or import trade links with China, and those that have established a manufacturing or trade base in China.

Even though there are many New Zealand businesses that have successfully established trade links with China, it doesn’t come without its challenges. It is supremely important for us to recognize the success of NZ-China traders – they are role models for all aspiring importers and exporters to China.