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Kea New Zealand

About Kea

Kea is New Zealand’s global network. Our mission is to connect New Zealand with the rest of the world by building a network of global citizens who take an active interest in the future of our country.

We are building a truly global network for New Zealand, which is equally important to New Zealand based organisations and individuals who are pursuing global opportunities, as well as citizens of other countries who have an affinity and interest in connecting with New Zealand.

Kea leverages its global network to:

  • Support the international success of New Zealand and its people
  • Increase export trade by providing New Zealand businesses with greater access to international markets
  • Promote international investment into New Zealand’s productive and export sectors
  • Provide New Zealand with access to insights and relationships (made available through the leaders of large corporates as well as global research / education institutions who are active in our Kea and World Class NZ networks)
  • Promote the attraction/return of highly skilled migrants, and help match their skills with appropriate opportunities
  • Support the activities of other public and private sector partners who share our vision for a more globally connected New Zealand.


Regular business and social events are held across China offering members and friends opportunities to meet and network.

Kea is proud to have formed an alliance with the NZCTA and looks forward to working together on future initiatives.


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If you have any questions about Kea, please contact the Kea Business Manager, Nathalie Malfeyt at