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Spark responds to huge increase in mobile data consumption in China


Spark announced last week that it has launched new Roaming Data Packs for 16 countries in response to a phenomenal increase in the amount of mobile data used by customers travelling overseas.

The company has seen a more than 460-per cent increase in the total amount of mobile data used by customers travelling to China in an average month, in the last three years, followed by large increases in data usage throughout Australia.

Spark launched two Roaming Data Packs last month, giving customers 1GB of mobile data across one week. The Australia Roaming Data Pack can be purchased for $39 and the Roaming Data Pack for ‘Zone 2’ countries (which includes China and 14 other countries) will cost $49 for one week.

Spark Home, Mobile & Business Chief Executive, Jason Paris says it’s no surprise Spark customers are using their smartphones more while travelling – particularly in China.

“With the NZ-China free trade agreement opening up a raft of new business opportunities between the two countries, we’re seeing our customers not only travel more often to China, but the need to stay connected while they are over there is more important than ever before.

“Whether it’s responding to emails, talking to their family back home over Facetime or video-conferencing a client elsewhere in the world, mobile data is the thing they need. Our new Roaming Data Packs allow them to do all those things affordably and easily whether they’re in Beijing, Sydney, Seoul or New York.”

New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA) Chairman, Martin Thomson, welcomes Spark’s new roaming packs and he says they will only make things easier for New Zealanders doing business in China.

“Growth in trade, investment and links in general between New Zealand and China since the signing of the NZ China Free Trade Agreement has been tremendous and more and more New Zealand businesses are wanting to partake in that. Anything that can be done to make the experience for New Zealand businesspeople visiting China a little less daunting while pursuing new opportunities – like affordable access to data roaming – has got to be a good thing,” said Mr Thomson.

Mr Paris says customers needn’t worry about being stung by a hefty data bill on their return home.

“Spark’s MyMobile app tracks the data, texts and calls customers are chewing through on their trip so they can be fully across their mobile usage. Customers can also set up roaming data caps and alerts for when they’re close to their data limit.” said Mr Paris.

For more information about Spark’s new Roaming Data Packs customers can download Spark’s Roaming app or to purchase a pack customers can go to their Spark My Mobile app or visit Customers can also check out Spark’s Tech in a Sec clip for more information about the roaming app and for more tips and tricks on the best ways to stay connected when overseas.

Interesting facts:

  • Since 2013 customers’ combined monthly data use in China has increased by more than 460%
  • Since 2013 customers’ combined monthly data use in Australia has increased by more than 230%
  • Monthly data usage in the United States has increased by 148% since 2013
  • Showing the huge move to data – Spark has seen an almost 20% reduction in the number of texts sent by customers roaming in China in the last three years
  • While calling hasn’t decreased it’s stayed relatively stable in comparison and since 2013 the amount of outbound calls made by customers in China has increased by 14%



Zone 2 countries include Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States.

Spark’s new Roaming Data Packs are available to Spark home, mobile (Pay Monthly & Prepaid) and business customers and Spark Digital clients.

Contact for further comment

Vicky Gray

Communications Advisor, Spark New Zealand

+64 27 934 6385