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Kiwi exporters think they will bounce back sooner

Kiwi exporters think they will bounce back sooner New Zealand exporters think they will recover from the global economic crisis faster than Australia Auckland, 5 May 2009 – A survey of more than 520 New Zealand and Australian exporters by DHL, the world’s leading express and logistics company, has found that 46 per cent of New...

Shock and ore: Rio discovers China's downside

For the moment, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a Mandarin-speaker and an acknowledged Sinophile, is keeping at arms-length from the issue, leaving the lobbying to foreign affairs officials. Rudd has won acclaim, at home and abroad, for his strong Chinese credentials but must be aware it is a double-edged sword. He has been accused of being too...

With a little understanding

Australia's fraught relationship with China takes another turn. AFTER Kevin Rudd, Australia’s Mandarin-speaking prime minister, came to power in late 2007 the country’s relations with China seemed set to take an upward turn. But the much-anticipated love-in has failed to happen. On Tuesday August 18th Australia’s government...

China relations different across the Tasman

China relations different across the Tasman

It has been interesting observing New Zealand’s relationship with China developing differently to that of Australia’s. The Rio Tinto saga and the fall-out over Uigur activist Rebiya Kadeer’s recent visit to Australia has made it absolutely clear that Australia’s relationship with China is anything but easy. New...

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