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Beijing Announces Visa and FDI Incentives to Attract Foreign Talent

Beijing has announced new visa, residency, and foreign investment incentives in ...

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Understanding Legal Proceedings in China

For foreign investors running businesses in China, it is very likely that they would ...

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Auckland Airport sees 92% surge in Chinese tourists

Auckland Airport sees 92% surge in Chinese tourists in February as annual figures hold ...

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Two-way trade with China more than triples over the past decade

New Zealand’s two-way trade with China increased more than three-fold in the ...

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Mandarin language assistants welcomed

Forty eight Mandarin Language Assistants were officially welcomed to New Zealand ...

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China General Interest

Business is Heating up in China for PSL

In this edition of China Now, Stuart Hampton of PSL talks to us about the company's foray into China and the success of that venture. In 2001 PSL (formally known as Phillips & Smith Limited) decided that after having serviced the fire and safety market since 1913 from New Zeaaland, we needed to look to China to reduce...

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Connecting the dragon

by the JLJ Group With a population of 1.3 billion, China owns the world’s largest fixed-line and mobile network in terms of both network capacity and number of subscribers. China’s telecom market, currently worth about $84 billion, is expected to reach $130 billion by 2009. 3G – the next big leap...

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The drive for growth can lead businesses into dangerous ...

by Joanna Doolan & Florence Wong Regardless of melamine milk crisis, product recalls, corruption scandals and trade disputes, New Zealand businesses will be attracted by the lure of what China has to offer. At a recent NZCTA seminar we likened investing in China to swimming at Piha beach. Piha offers...

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NZCTA Commentary - September

"Contamination happens all over the World," BioVittoria Co-Founder and Managing Director, Stephen Le Febvre told NZCTA members at a highly successful seminar this month, "Even in the US, where I come from!" But it becomes a much bigger issue because globally China is seen as a threat, he went on to say....

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An introduction to performance bonds

by John Earwaker In this challenging world there is a need for certainty, possibly more now than any other time before. None more so than in the construction, manufacturing and or export industries. To ensure certainty and manage financial risk, principals, when considering bids and awarding contracts, demand of the...

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8 September 2008 Dear Member AGM – Diarise 12 November With full details to follow in a week or two, meantime, please diarise… Wednesday 12 November noon to 2.00 p.m. Venue: The Auckland Club, Shortland Street, Auckland Guest Speaker: Tim Groser (currently)...

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China's changing business landscape

As we revel in our medal count from the Beijing Olympics, that brief moment of glory for our athletes represents years of focused training and hard work. Even with the best training programme, arriving in China provides a new set of challenges. Environmental differences and the psychological barriers of competing against the...

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Processed Food for Thought: China's food processing market

Rising disposable income and urbanization continue to drive the Chinese economy. The food processing industry is no exception. Between 2001 and 2006 the industry grew at a compound annual growth rate of 20% to reach approximately USD 288 billion. As consumers increasingly value the convenience and variety of processed...

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NZCTA Commentary: The Olympic Games has set the pace

As the hype of the Beijing Olympics slowly expires, we can now ask if the huge profile China achieved day by day ultimately created a more positive image for it. The Olympics has always been the biggest event of all. Nations have competed robustly to stage them to enhance their status. China would have been deperately keen...

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Getting ready for Canton Trade Fair 2008

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs trying to sort through the labyrinth associated with China trade? New Zealanders are trying to determine the best way to take advantage of the benefits associated with the Free Trade Agreement signed in Beijing last April. Joining a trade mission or exhibiting at a trade fair can open...

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Spotlight: Fonterra in China

Fonterra is a New Zealand icon and the company been operating in China for two decades. NZCTA talks to Bob Major, Managing Director of Fonterra China, to find out more about Fonterra's Chinese operations and aspirations. Can you explain the extent of your interests in China? When did you first enter the China market?...

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Franchising - the Way to Go in China?

Franchising, despite being almost unheard of in the early 90’s, spread like wildfire in the recent years. The JLJ Group shares some findings of their recent market research on China’s Franchising Industry. With some 200,000 franchised retail stores representing over 2,600 brands, China is now the...

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